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We offer FOUR web design and production options to suit your different needs !

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Static & Dynamic web pages

Static Web Pages • Lite Ver.

Nowadays, many companies also choose static web pages for their websites. If you don't need to update content from time to time, this static type is perfect for you. We offer "Standard" and "Value-Added version" options, you don't need to have professional knowledge of web page writing, and more importantly we save the high cost of web design.

Dynamic Web Pages • Premium Ver.

Compared to static web pages, dynamic web pages are more technically complex as they involve a content management system that has to work with a database. For those who wish to have special pages and add various extensions. If you wish to have special pages and add various extensions and intend to update the content yourself in the future, this type of dynamic website is ideal for you.

Dynamic Web Page • Online Store Ver.

In recent years, the number of self-employed people around the world has increased year by year as brick-and-mortar stores have shifted to online retailing. In this case, there is a really urgent need to build an online store. If you want to build your own system as an individual or a company but feel overwhelmed by the various web design bundles available, we can help you build your online store within a budget.

Online Store Rental Platform

There are a growing number of different models of online store rental platforms, most of which boast simple steps to set up a store, but most of these platforms offer inflexible options and charge a lot of money for various small fees. However, most of these platforms offer inflexible options and charge a lot of money for different small fees. For the average beginner, they do not have a good understanding of the settings and choose inappropriate templates.

The Virtue of Seeking a Harvest at a Fair Price

We consider affordability for startups and small businesses in all of our pricing. Except for "Online Store Rental Platform", the pricing depends on the situation. We offer "Affordable" and "Free-to-Match" pricing instead of the standard "fixed" pricing offered by the web design industry.

We do not charge for any additional services such as dedicated plugins to purchase or third-party hosting for the "Premium & Online Store" web pages. So you can save most of your miscellaneous costs. Please find a comparison of prices and terms and conditions below.

Starting at US$ 27

per Month


  • Unidirectional vertical or horizontal page.
  • There are Five chapters in the website, which you can freely assign.
  • You don't have to worry! We will fully enhance the website and maintain it throughout the contract period.
  • The hosting fee is included, which eliminates the need for you to pay additional hosting provider fees.

Starting at US$ 80

per Page


  • There are two content management systems to choose from.
  • There is no limit to the number of pages that can be created for your website.
  • Once the pages have been created, we will show you how to update them yourself, or you can return the site to us for further changes.
  • Additional plugins can be added to suit your needs.

Starting at US$ 120

per Page

Online Store

  • There are Three store content management systems to choose from.
  • There is no limit to the number of product category pages or other pages.
  • As there may be a large number of product pages, we will teach you to update the content and add products yourself after the production is complete.
  • Additional plugins can be added to suit your needs.

Comparison List

Let you further deepen the detailed comparison

LitePremiumOnline Store
In-page SEO
Image Compression
Optimize Internal Code Layout
Transport Layer Security Protocol
Content Delivery Cloud System
Block Distributed Service Attacks
Enhance Website Security
Update the Code Regularly
Website Hosting
Website Domain Name Address Fee
Site Modification & Support Period45 Days / 1 Year45 Days / 1 Year45 Days / 1 Year
Estimated Production Cycle Time14 - 30 Days45 - 60 Days45 - 60 Days

As Clear As Daylight

We understand that you have doubts about some of the above professional statements and other details, so please find the corresponding items below and read the detailed explanations.

What is the role of inner page "Search Engine Optimization" ?

When you return text content to us, we look at which words are more important. We then compile into web pages using a specific format for better search engine ranking positions, however, please understand that we will not provide you with external SEO services to optimize your website.

Why do I need the "Image Compression" process ?

Generally, website producers in the market will not compress your images. All web images will be processed in a new generation format, which is a file that provides both lossy compression and lossless compression. format to reduce download traffic.

What are the benefits of the "Optimized Internal Code" layout ?

Common web design agencies on the market usually do not optimize the internal code layout of web pages during production. When crafting your pages, we also do some optimization work to help speed up downloads and make browsing the web smoother, but it depends on the type of web design package you choose.

What is the "Transport Layer Security Protocol" ?

In the online world, users are also transmitting data on the same carrier, so any data can be intercepted and requires enhanced security, so to improve the ability of Google, Bing and other search engines to index your web pages, this security protocol helps to speed up the login of your website. However, please note that for all "Advanced" version of your web pages, this protocol depends on the web hosting provider you are using, otherwise you will need to renew it annually at your own expense.

What are the benefits of using a “Content Delivery Cloud” ?

Content delivery clouds have been developed for over 20 years and in that time have evolved to become an integral part of today's web services. In contrast to other web design companies, they do not usually offer this additional cost voluntarily.

We "Pay for this ourselves" and use content delivery cloud servers in over a dozen locations around the world to increase transfer rates and improve overall browsing performance during static downloads. This special service is also included in the free service produced by 'Lite', allowing users around the world to experience smoother download speeds when visiting your website.

What is a "Blocking Distributed" service attack ?

A Denial-of-Service attack, also known as a flood attack, is a cyber attack method whose purpose is to exhaust the resources of the target website system, which forces the service to be temporarily interrupted or stopped, resulting in the inability of its normal users to access. When two or more compromised websites launch a "Denial of Service" attack on a specific target as a "Zombie", it is called a distributed denial of service attack. In view of this, we will additionally use a "Free Basic Version" firewall cloud system for your website to protect and mitigate your website from frequent online attacks.

How to strengthen "Website Security"?

Hackers have a variety of ways of attacking the Internet, and other technologies have been developed in many different ways. Even though we cannot fully guarantee that your website will be safe and secure, we will do our best to prevent hackers' automated programs from tampering with the content of your website, but of course, you need to work with us to make it effective.

Why do program "Codes" need to be regularly updated ?

If you choose the "Premium" dynamic structure web page, you must use the content management system to make and cooperate with some library programs, etc., and the original open source system will regularly update the required programs to plug security holes. After an occasional modification or upgrade of the system, a program conflict may result in the website being shut down. Therefore, ordinary web design companies or freelancers will not update during the contract period, so as not to cause trouble for themselves in the future.

However, our practice is to check periodically during the contract period to decide whether to update to a newer version, and unless there is a program conflict, we will do our best to update it for you.

What is "Website Hosting" ?

Web hosting is the web space where users host their websites on the Internet. If you choose our "Lite" type of static design, your website will be hosted in our large data centers located overseas.

Generally speaking, if you don't expect a lot of monthly traffic, you don't need to set up a separate server because the monthly fee for renting a server is higher. We can also recommend going to some of the better quality web hosting providers to rent their shared space, the price will depend on the amount of storage and traffic required and is also more affordable compared to a dedicated server.

Why do I need to pay the "Website Domain Address" fee ?

A website domain address is the name of a computer or group of computers on the Internet, consisting of a string of characters separated by dots, used to identify the computer's electronic location during data transfer. In the hierarchy of the domain name system, various domain names are subordinate to the root domain of the domain name system. The next level of the top-level domain name is the second-level domain name, and so on. First-level domain names are top-level domains, including generic top-level domains such as and .org; country-level domain names such as .us .th and .tk ... etc.

Regardless of the method of production, the "New" website domain must be purchased by yourself, if you already have an "Old" valid website domain name and choose a "Lite Version" website, you can simply transfer the old domain name to our hosting domain address, and as for the old "Premium Version" website domain name, you can ask us before making a decision.

However, if you ask us to purchase a "New" website domain name on your behalf, please understand that this is a unique domain name and we cannot refund the domain name registrar after purchase, so you must pay us the fee in advance.

What is a "Web Page Modification and Support Period" ?

After the website project is completed, most of the peers will provide customers with free "Minor" modification for about 30 days. However, the amendment period we offer will be extended to 45 days upon completion. During this revision period, minor revisions to pictures, text, etc. may be requested, but if there is a major difference from "Most" or "All" of the original design of the web page, a revision fee will be charged. The so-called support period is from the end of the modification period to the end of the contract period. An example is as follows:

From January 1, 2022 to February 15, 2022, a total of 45 days is the webpage revision period, and the period from February 16, 2022 to December 31, 2022, the remaining days are the support period.

During this support period, if you have any technical (but not related to modifying web pages) problems, we will solve and assist you free of charge.

About "Estimated Production Cycle Time" Required.

The above estimated production time is for reference only, and we will make the final decision on the completion time according to your request. But we do need a longer cycle than the usual quick website production in the same industry. Just because we don't want to do it like a "Copy and Paste", we'll create a more polished and valuable website for you.

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