Dynamic Webite INSTANCE

Dynamic web pages can be used for a wide range of purposes. From Corporate, Institutional, Blogging to Online Store Platform. Content management systems also allow you to extend the functionality of your website with various plugins, which will give your website an edge !

Enterprise Website
Design Analysis of the Work

Let us bring you the Best Examples of dynamically structured websites !

"DUAL TRACK" Structural Planning

This branding example is a split of a company website and an online store, both of which we spent a long time creating. The design and layout process is also carefully curated, and site functionality is added and enhanced through a variety of complementary plugins. This also fully takes into account many factors such as web page download speed and improving website security.

Content Management System

The security of the website system is particularly important, so the content management system we chose for this client did not have the largest market share. The reason is to avoid large-scale attacks by hackers or automated programs as much as possible. Therefore, we have chosen two different operating systems for our customers. They are corporate websites with text content as the main body and online store with professional sales as the core. Both systems excel in scalability, stability and security features respectively.

Search Engine Optimization

The client is an export-oriented international company, so their website is based on English content. During the contact process, they also hope that their product line and corporate brand can rank high in the mainstream search pages in some western countries. In terms of search engine optimization, we will try to optimize some keywords to the first three pages.

You can also try the phrase by typing "Jeans Button Manufacturer" into a Google or Bing search engine, or enter their brand name and see how their search rankings compare to lesser-known brands in general. We can't guarantee that they will always be on the first page, or even at the top of the major search engines, but at least they will be at the top of the rankings.

Mobile Pages

Mobile Web Accelerated Edition ( AMP ) is an open source project developed by "Google". The purpose is to increase the speed of access to the website from mobile devices. We added this extra functionality on some pages to reach their cached download performance.

Design Interface

Although different content management systems are used within the site, we want to make their customers feel like they are in the same site with a smooth authoring design in terms of user interface and experience.

The First Self-Service
Custom Store

They are the first company in the global metal fastening industry to adopt this ordering system. Due to the diversity of their products, several processes have been simplified to enable their customers to easily place orders online in a self-service manner.

Simplifying the
Layout of the Store

As it is a store-based content management system, pages need to be read by multiple programs and result in slow download speeds. Therefore, we needed to simplify the layout as much as possible while keeping the page design special to achieve optimal download speeds.

How to Get Started

This is different from static web production, which lets you first understand and negotiate the production model.

  • Step 1

    First of all, please fill in the following form with simple information and we will contact you again by email or phone once we have received it.
  • Step 2

    We take a preliminary look at your basic information and will analyze it in more detail. We will then agree on a production plan and submit the details to you for approval.
  • Step 3

    Once you have confirmed the proposal and price, you will pay the agreed pro-rata deposit and provide us with all the text and other information required for the production of the website. We will inform you as soon as the website is ready.
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Why Hesitant ?

Whether it's article content, stores, or even store rental platforms as infrastructure. With the examples above, you might understand the benefits of dynamic formatting. Of course, you may still have some questions, so we have prepared a set of questions. Please click to read.

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