A website with a perfect combination of Internal & External structures can achieve smooth performance.

An excellent web designer not only tends to have gorgeous designs, but also needs to cooperate with a stable web page structure, and the combination of internal and external can be perfectly interpreted.

Frankly speaking, even though the intrinsic value of a book cannot be judged by the cover, as a practitioner in this industry, we always evaluate the superficial strength of a company through the overall website, especially the programming techniques behind the website structure and its framework setting, which is the most fascinating and interesting topic.

When you search for some web designers, companies, and agencies through a web search engine, a wealth of relevant information comes up. In this industry, every day can also be knocked down by new comers. Indeed, it is sometimes difficult to determine in a split second who is professional or reliable. But from our perspective, the future will only be characterized by uneven quality, grandstanding and the potential for moral manipulation. On the other hand, when looking for a suitable developer among customers, they can only sigh the disparity of "Pearls are everywhere but not the same as the eyes."

We would like to clarify that we do not mean to offend, slander or challenge our peers in any way, but in some cases created by a group of local professional "Freelancers" or "Web Production Agencies" with many years of development experience, it is easy to see that there is still much room for improvement, such as poor page flow, non-standard graphics and redundant coding, and of course, it is difficult to spot many hidden problems among clients. Hidden problems are, of course, difficult to spot in clients.

Who are you "Entrusting" to make your website ?

A professional website covers many professional technologies, such as web page production, but also involves aesthetic design, interface design, programming and special plug-ins, user experience design and search engine optimization and other areas. Unless introduced by a friend, most of you are also looking for some unknown website design company or freelancer through search engines to make. In the process of talking and dealing with them, the individual issues are also very numerous and cannot be listed here. So, we can only outline their differences and common potential problem in this section.

Production Agencies

  • • There are usually stylish offices and meeting rooms
  • • Universal ability to handle all types of web pages and programming
  • • Generally high support and technology concentration
  • • The Team can quickly coordinate and deliver solutions
  • • There is usually a dedicated staff to handle the client's case
  • • Smooth work scheduling and delivery schedule


  • • There are plenty of professionals to choose from in the market
  • • They can be hired to produce any part of the desired website
  • • There is no need to share the work of other colleagues in the company
  • • Effectively shorten the waiting time for technical problems
  • • Competitive pricing compared to design agencies
  • • On-time delivery possible due to independent production

Potential Possibility

The following examples give you an idea of some potential problems, and we've listed 6 "Typical" examples and 10 "General" examples so you can best prepare for each stage !

Anything can be Done

Except for some very large production agencies or extraordinary freelancers who can otherwise handle a large number of different projects in their own website presentations. And usually outsource some projects to third party agencies for collaboration, which of course will be more expensive.

Professional Terminology

For whole programs that are not self-programmed, other programming languages used by general websites can be produced for free by download or purchase. However, in order to make significant revenue, they will use "Jargon" to make you feel a little more sophisticated, or explain that it is some kind of advanced language programming, etc., to try to raise the price.

Outdated Experience

Website creation methods and techniques are constantly updated and cover a lot of different functions, and those with "long" production experience do not mean that they are using your website as the most recent technology. If the web page involves database processing, it is also possible to be attacked by cyber hackers on the website security.

Shorten the Production Period

Creating an excellent website cannot be completed in an instant, but requires continuous improvement of the pages. Due to cost issues, it is possible to reduce work time and maximize profits by prefabricating a universal design version, which is frequently done especially by web design companies.

Virtual Reality Design

Using templates to make web pages is the general trend, and the price of true "Pure" design is very high, and it involves programming and superb aesthetic achievements. However, some peers claim to be customized designs on their websites, and behind their "Language Pseudo-Magic" are mostly modified through templates.

True & False are Indistinguishable

The virtual Internet era has produced different true and false phenomena. As we mentioned, "Ethical" values also involve a small group of peers. They buy a lot of fake accounts on social media networks. Use the number of followers to grab your attention, or use fake examples of well-known brands they've worked with on their site.

  • High-End Business District
    Some small web design and production companies also open offices in high-end business districts to seek orders from well-known customers, but their quotation or website business package fees are generally higher due to rental and cost issues.
  • Professional Follow-up
    There are many peers in the website production industry, and in the process of following up on the project, their professionalism has been questioned, so don't rely on their online publicity and introduction to commission them to produce.
  • Search Engine Optimization
    There is a lot of publicity in the market to rank the website to the first page, but the real practice is to improve after years of accumulation, and the rapid promotion only allows for demotion and loss of future optimization rankings.
  • Web Page Modification
    After the production is completed, it may be necessary to make "Minor" amendments, they will be able to modify or provide you with a number of modifications for free during the contract period, but it may also require you to pay each time.
  • Migrate the Site
    Your website is usually also entrusted to them for hosting. Once the contract period expires and you want to migrate to another hosting company, they will return the entire website for "Free" without additional migration fees.
  • Content Management System
    If it is developed through such a system, most of it will have to be operated by itself in the future. If you are not familiar with it, do not regret it in the future because of the attractive content in the webpage package or being persuaded to use it.
  • Web System Updates
    If your web pages were developed through those content management systems, the original open source system will regularly update the required programs, and they may not do any updates for you in the future.
  • Updating a Library Program
    Web pages often use programs to enhance certain functionality, such as the jquery library. They probably won't plug security holes with newer versions.
  • Hosting Rights
    When using their web hosting services, they generally do not open up control over resources and server platforms, but you should still ask them and understand the relevant matters.
  • The Security of Your Website
    During our research and testing, with the exception of a few well-known but few web design agencies, most production companies did not enhance the security of their clients' websites.

Still Have Questions?
We'll Give You A Hand !

From the above example, you may still be confused about the person or production company you choose. With that in mind, we came up with a wacky idea that we don't think exists in any other related industry. We offer you a "Free" consultation. So why did we come up with this idea?
A Touch of Inspiration

All our web designs and productions were also referred by friends, so we had never been exposed to any work through the internet in the past. Through each of our previous projects, we have also gained a deep appreciation of the many production problems that exist in this industry. This has therefore inspired us to write a long article in our capacity and free time to offer some advice to you.

Thinking from a Friend's Perspective

Our approach is not to compare ourselves with other web design companies who are only looking to make comparable profits, but to stand as a friend and let us solve your problem and come to a reasonable conclusion, allowing you to make your own judgement.

We would like you to become our "new friend" and join our Facebook page for further enquiries. You might be surprised when you visit our Facebook page! We are now starting from scratch, testing and researching Google's new generation of artificial intelligence search engine optimization algorithm technology.

A Different Way of Making

We offer different website production options. If you want to go back to the original website designer or company after reading and have some unsure questions. Please fill out the required form in the table below and we will provide a "Pertinent" response to this question. Sure, you may have some guesses. But please don't worry, we don't have the motive or idea to do this so don't be too suspicious.

Welcome to "Ask a Question"

If you have questions related to the selection of "Web Design Packages, Content Management Systems or Website Security", we welcome your questions. However, for questions related to programming and plugin selection, we cannot give you an answer here, as we need to understand the technical aspects of the whole system to ensure that there are no programming conflicts. Finally, our answers are for general information only and please understand that we cannot be held responsible for any legal consequences of your final choice.

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