Static Webite LITE

For those who are not familiar with content management systems and do not need to update their content from time to time. With businesses similar to the categories below, a static website is the perfect choice for your "Flagship" website!

Integrated Industries

It is perfectly suitable for industries such as product introduction, professional design or service industry, such as Household Goods, Industrial Products, Tourism, Restaurants, Beauty, Automobile Maintenance, Decoration Design, Hotels, Accountants, Law Firms, Personal Job Profiles, and many different sectors such as Temples.

Media Commerce

Selling goods or services on social media such as Facebook and Instagram may give some customers the impression that you are operating as a "Roadside Stall" in the market. Therefore, the basic website is built to make up for the lack of professional image on the social platform.

The following features have been Enhanced & Equipped for your website !

Inner Page Search Engine Optimization

Boost in various search engines for better ranking positions.

Image Compression

Produced in next-generation image formats to reduce image download speeds.

Optimize Internal Code Layout

Reduce the extra space in the internal code of the web page and browse at the smoothest speed.

Transport Layer Security Protocol

Helps to recognize your website faster in search engines.

Content Delivery Cloud System

Download static files at smooth speeds while browsing your website.

Blocking Distributed Service Attacks

Additional firewall cloud system for your website to protect.

Enhancing Website Security

We will improve your website to prevent hackers from tampering with the content.year

Website Hosting

Free hosting in our large overseas data center for the first year.
~ For more details on each of the above ~

Dazzling Dynamic Design,
Shake Up Your Best Style.

We've crafted 12 cool website templates for you to choose the design style that best suits your industry's "World-Class" professional image !

Tailored to your Needs

For bundled website packages offered by other peers, some features are not necessary for you, and the fees must be paid by you. In view of this, basic features will be available in our Standard version. Depending on the needs, you can also purchase the "Value-added" version from the original standard version design to add additional functions. In this way neither causes bundled payments, but also our economic pricing, which makes it easier for you to afford.

Let's Choose Together

Below you can see some templates for different website designs. We will make appropriate modifications and repaints based on your industry background and image to make your website "Refresh" and "Unique".

Theme 01: Food Shop

[ Vertical Page View ]
Monthly Fee from *US$ 27

Theme 02:Law Firm

[ Vertical Page View ]
Monthly Fee from *US$ 40

Theme 03:Condo Hotels

[ Landscape Page View ]
Monthly Fee from *US$ 47

Theme 04:Residential Builders

[ Vertical / Standalone Page View ]
Monthly Fee from *US$ 47

Theme 05:Dental Clinic

[ Vertical Page View ]
Monthly Fee from *US$ 47

Theme 06:Auto Repair Shop

[ Vertical Page View ]
Monthly Fee from *US$ 47

Theme 07:Premium Restaurant

[ Vertical Page View ]
Monthly Fee from *US$ 47

Theme 08:Accounting Firm

[ Vertical Page View ]
Monthly Fee from *US$ 47

Theme 09:Garment Factory

[ Stand-alone Page View ]
Monthly Fee from *US$ 51

Theme 10:Bar / Restaurant

[ Landscape / Stand-alone Page View ]
Monthly Fee from *US$ 53

Theme 11:Hotel Resort Group

[ Stand-alone Page View ]
Monthly Fee from *US$ 60

Theme 12 : Fashion Store

[Stand-alone Page View / AMP Design]
Monthly Fee from *US$ 64

All demo links above will require a password to view. Please fill in the required information in the form below, and select "Required" in "Request a Template Password" in the category. We will reply you with the relevant password when we receive the information.

How to Get Started

In just a few simple steps, you can have a high-quality website. Let us design and make it, and you don't need to worry about the whole process !

  • Step 1

    First, please select one of the examples above and fill in the simple information in the form below. Once we have received it, we will contact you again by email or phone.
  • Step 2

    After we analyze the content in detail, we will let you know what you need to provide. Please submit text content, brand logo, pictures, etc. in the relevant position of the template. Of course, we will explain what parts of the image you need to submit.
  • Step 3

    After receiving your information, we will draw a panorama web page for your review. Once confirmed, we'll start the production process and we'll let you know when it's done.
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Want to Know More ?

Static structured web pages offer a wide variety of designs and are suitable for a wide range of industries or service organizations. We will be adding additional styles in the future. Perhaps, you may still have some questions, so we have prepared a collection of questions, please click to read them.

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