A Hidden Esoteric

Giving you an insight into the deeper meaning behind why we are rebuilding this platform.

All Good things must Come to an End

In response to the social problems in Hong Kong in recent years, some Hong Kong people are also worried about the future prospects of their families, and they have begun to migrate to different Western and Asian countries.

My other partners and I are also preparing or have moved to other countries to start a new life. Looking back, each of us has been in this information technology job for over 26 years on average, covering cybersecurity, software and network engineering, website application development. For those of us who used to spend a lot of time in front of a computer every day, the idea of early retirement or semi-retirement has come to the forefront of our minds. But with a life like that, why don't we continue to work together through the Internet and live a life of interest and helpfulness? This is why I started to rebuild WEBSABY as a platform.


Re-experience the Original Taste of Web Design & Production !

The Flavor is Endless

The name of our site is inspired by the Japanese close pronunciation of "Wasabia" Japonica, a famous botanical seasoning in Japanese cuisine that tastes like mustard or horseradish rather than chili, a plant that grows naturally in the riverbeds of mountain rivers and valleys in Japan , a paste made from its rhizomes can be used as a spicy condiment for sushi and other foods.


Although Wasabi is a common plant, its raw flavour is more intense than the sensation of the tongue stimulating the nose. We have harnessed this sensation with our web design and hope to create a truly rewarding website for you that will make a difference to everyone who visits your site as they browse through it.


Today's web design companies are so focused on efficiency that they overlook the finer details of production. With our unique philosophy and years of knowledge, we want to create a unique website for you. We believe we can complement many of the loopholes in the overall website production of them.

Aspirations • Thailand

We love Thailand very much, and besides eating, drinking and having fun, we have also brought new inspiration to their concept of tolerance, respect and even religion. Even if they have moved to the western countries, they hope to return to this beautiful place to meet again one day.

My partner and I intend to live in Thailand and are also looking forward to working on the design and production of the website again in a 'Semi-Retired' lifestyle. While our partners in other countries can still provide technical support, I believe we can create and start another story here.

Thailand • Children at Risk

UNICEF : 22% of Children live in poverty and lack access to Education and Health services

The Hope Project

There are many factors contributing to problem children, especially in remote and impoverished mountain villages in northern Thailand, where families are forced to take their children to orphanages for temporary care. On the borders with Myanmar, Laos and the Golden Triangle, there are many young people with low education, low gender awareness and young parents who have abandoned their children, creating the final problem of orphans.

Our Meagre Income

Our abilities are insignificant compared to the selfless dedication of other voluntary groups or individuals, just as the Abbot Tongma of the Watpadonyai Temple in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, said: "Children grow up to be kind people, tireless in schooling and capable of taking care of themselves." He Never ask the children to repay themselves, just hope to see them occasionally."

Bonded with You

If there is no fate, like pedestrians in the street, they will just pass by; only those who are destined will come to this website. Whether you entrust us with a project, ask a question or make friends, "I" are also here waiting for each of you to arrive.

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