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A Collection of Q & A

We have collected a collection of frequently asked questions from our customers and you can find the answers in the following Q & A sessions to save time in waiting for a reply.


Can you explain the production and payment process of your static web page in detail ?

If you provide us with all the full information and details, we will submit a 'sketch' of the website for you to confirm (please note that the text may not be listed correctly). This sketch will only give you an initial idea of the whole page and if you approve it, then you will need to pay a 50% deposit in advance, for example below :-

"Standard" US$27 x 12 months = US$324 (Prophase - US$162 ; Anaphase - US$162)

The estimated time to produce a webpage is approximately two to three weeks. Upon completion, we will provide you with a virtual website for your confirmation and if approved, please pay us the balance.

Once the payment process is complete, we will transfer your "New" domain name and its DNS address to our web storage, but if you already have an "Old" domain name, we can set up the transfer and hosting for you free of charge, provided your internet provider is willing to let us do it manually, otherwise we will provide you with the DNS address and ask you to contact them for assistance with the migration. Note: Once the entire migration has been completed, it will be counted from that date until the end of the hosting period, which is referred to as the full "Contract Period".

Why do you calculate it on a monthly basis ? So is it charged in monthly fees ?

Firstly, the reason we list our prices on a "Monthly" basis is for two reasons." The "First" is to give you an idea of what the average monthly cost would be if calculated on a full year basis; and "Secondly" because we have had a few clients in the past who have had special reasons for requesting late payment. So we try to accommodate their requests on a "Monthly" basis, but usually this rarely happens.

Finally, please note that the "Contract Period" is 12 months and you will have to pay us for the entire contract period whether it is a new contract or a renewal.

I know your first year fee includes production and website hosting, but I was wondering how much will the subsequent contract period cost ?

We will not charge you a one-off production fee as is the practice in other industries. We offer a discount of around 70% of the average web production price in the market, but do not include other hosting costs. We target start-ups and small businesses, so we do try to offer something like an 'instalment model' to help you increase the liquidity of your business.

Admittedly, we have to spread the costs over three years to break even and bring in a modest profit, which is what is implied in the "Innovative" pricing mentioned. As you say that the first year's fee has already been paid, we will not calculate your hosting fee for the next 12 months (second year), nor for the next 12 months (third year), e.g. for the first production fee of US$324

Annual Fee24 Months36 Months
Web Hosting & Maintenance US$216US$108

Please note: On the issue of "Copyright on the Website", you need to return the contract to your name after completing the contract for a period of three years. If the contract is suddenly interrupted during this period, all sections you have made through us will not be returned to you elsewhere for hosting storage.

If I have paid the renewal fee and I want to terminate the contract during this period, can I get the deposit balance refunded?

Unless the performance of our website hosting and maintenance services has caused "Reasonable" disappointment to the other party. Of course, the balance will be refunded to you. However, if the contract is interrupted midway through the escrow period due to your personal will and not due to our gross negligence, the balance will not be refunded to you.

However, the domain name and DNS address of the old website you own will be transferred to your other web hosting provider, but please pay attention to the issue of "Copyright of the Website", which needs to be returned to your name after the completion of the contract for three years. Therefore, in your case, it is not possible to return the compressed format of the file.

What will you do with my web page if the renewal expires ?

We will notify you one month before the contract expiry date, and if the payment has not been completed on the contract expiration date, the website will be temporarily screened. Definitely, your customers will not be able to browse at the same time, which will not be possible until the renewal fee is repaid. However, the maximum period we can wait for you to pay will only be able to extend to the additional seven days of the contract expiry date, and if the payment is still not paid within this "Deadline", you will be deemed to have abandoned the renewal if you have no choice but to completely remove and destroy your website file after the period.

I want to add another national language to the webpage, how are your prices calculated ?

We can only serve one language in static pages. If you need to add another language, you only need to pay 50% of the total amount as the cost of adding a language. But please note that the images and other settings on the translation page will remain the same, we only changed the text translation part. Also, please submit the required translated text to us yourself.

What is the performance of the browsing speed you offer?

This depends on factors such as the internet speed, region and browser version used by the browser. Taking Google's latest version of the Chrome browser, for example, at 1.5 Mbps, the average wait time is between 1 and 3.5 seconds.


May I know more about the process and details ?

Please understand that making process pages dynamically is more complicated than static web pages. In most of the package solutions offered by "website production agencies" in the market, they only make a large number of them in a general "copy" style, but they do not have a deep understanding of what the customer really needs. Therefore, we emphasize that it is "first understanding" and then agreeing on the production mode.

To be sure, you'd like to know more about it, but in fact the practice of static web pages in the later parts is similar. Only the proportion of the deposit paid separately will be adjusted according to the overall price. However, in any case, we will consult with you before deciding on the final process plan.

I searched your client's brand page on the search engine, did you write the same pricing as your client's example ?

This will depend on the features and templates you wish to have. However, in terms of dynamic websites in general and online shop systems in particular, the price is relatively high. If you use this example, because the design and architecture is more complex and their online shop is self-hosted, the client will pay more than the normal price.

It is also common for medium to large sized companies to choose this method of production. They are also better financed and can invest more in development. Of course, small businesses can also choose to use this type of dynamic website. In general, there is no need to compare it with this particular example.

In the shop version system, if we had about 5,000 items, it would be a huge cost if we matched your prices ?

Of course not, how can we make you pay in this way? In addition to the normal homepage and matching page production, other product pages can be divided into several categories to sell matched items. That's why a "Self-Built Store" system is better than an "Online Store Rental Platform". We will create an example for each product page according to your needs and then we will show you how to do it and how to enter the products. So please don't worry too much about the "huge" costs.

What does the plugin come from and do you have to pay for it ?

The use of source-based content management systems is usually not equipped with plug-ins, the so-called "Plug-Ins" are based on the functions required by the user and then additional installers in the system. This is like the app "Application" on a smartphone, some plug-ins are free or payable, depending on the features you request.

After reading the tutorial on the content management system, I feel that it is very complicated to operate, how much would it cost to have you do the post-period management for us ?

There are many uninformed users who are misled by some website design providers. It is only after the pages have been created that they realize that they are not easy to use, and some of them need to attend tutorial classes, so the end result is not widely known.

We would like to stress that if you are not at all familiar with Content Management Systems, then ideally you should switch to a static website. As for the reference to "let us manage it for you", we are not sure what you mean by this as the term "Management" is broad in nature. But of course it depends on the requirements, whether it be text content, product input or maintenance, so please talk to us and discuss.

What is the biggest difference between using "Self-Built Store System" and "Online Store Rental Platform" ?

About twenty years ago, if you wanted to open an online store, besides setting up your own online store system. You would usually choose an "e-commerce platform" like eBay as your online store. In recent years, the option of renting an online store platform system has become increasingly popular. Compared to setting up your own online store platform system, the process of opening an online store is fairly easy and quick. Although it is relatively cheap, the lack of more scalable features is one of the main reasons why most brand companies prefer to build their own online store system instead of renting an online store platform.

I rent "An online store platform" for my clothing shop, but I think other people's shop designs always look better to me, how much would it cost to have you modify them ?

Unless you have design knowledge and color matching skills, the same template will be used by other stores, the problem is that the choice of template style is for the customer, not "Self-Like". On the other hand, from a client’s point of view, they have different opinions on the overall design, visual and even image of your website, so you’d better consult a professional before choosing a template.

Based on the limitations of the platform using templates, there are not many parts that can be modified. What we offer only covers modification and redrawing of pictures or text. Whether you choose a template for your case, recreate it or wish to improve it further, we can also give you free advice in advance, and the actual modification price will be determined upon request.


If I have any dissatisfaction with the design and want to terminate the cooperation, can I get a full refund ?

In the initial stage, we will send you an image of the overall plan for your website for initial confirmation. If there are any unsuitable designs, we will also make limited modifications until they fit, but we will not be able to give you a full refund after your final confirmation. In addition, if it is because of us that the web page is significantly different from the original design and cannot be fixed in the end, this will of course give you a full refund.

We have never encountered the above in our past production, as the overall design has been clearly confirmed in the early stages. As long as they cooperate and trust, the opportunity for a full refund is very rare.

What payment method do you charge through and can you convert to other currencies ?

If you are in Hong Kong or Thailand, you can deposit in local currency through a local bank, or pay directly by credit card or Paypal, but only US dollars are accepted.

I need an invoice from the company accountant, can you provide this document ?

We have a limited company registered in Hong Kong, and the invoices or receipts provided have commercial legal effect in Hong Kong. But if you are an overseas customer, we can only provide the same style of invoice or receipt.

How long will your web pages be modified and supported ?

Typically, web design peers mostly offer 30 days of free "Minor" revisions after completing a web page. However, our revision period will be extended to "Static and Dynamic Pages" 45 days after completion. During this revision period, clients may request minor revisions such as images, text, etc.; however, if it involves a "Majority" or "Complete" change to the original design of the web page, a new revision fee will be required. The so-called support period is from the end of the modification period to the end of the contract period. An example is as follows:

From January 1, 2022 to February 15, 2022, a total of 45 days is the webpage revision period, and from February 16, 2022 to December 31, 2022, the remaining days are the support period.

During this support period, if there are any technical but non-modification issues, we will address them and assist you.

I still have some content that I want to improve but the modification period has passed, how will the fee in this regard be calculated ?

Different revision periods are also provided in the web design industry. If the revision period has passed, we will make a working hour price depending on whether the required revision is complicated or not. However, such as a small part of text and image replacement, we try to free these minor changes as much as possible, but you also need your active cooperation not to make frequent changes. If the "Majority" or "Complete" change of the website is completely different from the original design, you will need to pay the website production fee again.

Why does my website require you to make and design appointments ?

Regarding scheduling, we must complete previous client work to take over your project, during which we will not take over other new jobs too much to prevent quality and schedule delays relative to the original completion time, which is why you need to make an appointment.

What are your considerations for the design of my website ?

We'll build on the original design in the example to match your image and product features, then redesign with clarity as the main consideration.

In other web design companies, there is always a lot of work on display, why can't you provide more examples for reference ?

The use of these client sites as a solicitation for business is also common practice in the industry, but it is questionable whether the client ultimately authorizes the public display. Also, their published examples may not be self-made. If you have free time to try to find links to these works, some of them won't connect. In fact, we don't show examples of their site without consent. From the perspective of most clients, they don't want their website to be used as their signature business, right ?

Can you "Customize" the program written on my web page ?

There are some web design companies in the market that often misuse the term "Custom". Firstly, "Custom" is the same as creating a web page structure for the client. For example, in the case of writing programs, most of the current production methods are through third-party plug-ins purchased on the market, or copying other open source codes and embedding them into web pages, which can literally be called customization. But this is not "Pure" customization.

A "Pure" means that the same design or solution cannot be found on the market. The simplest example is an airport's website system, which operates using a large database. These products are usually only suitable for large enterprises or government departments. So, sorry we don't take on "Pure" custom website projects. Especially when programming is a very time consuming thing, and we can only use a content management system to improve some code execution.

I don't know how to find a web hosting provider, and I'm not familiar with the setup and operation, can you help me ?

Of course you can! Generally speaking, if you are not expecting a lot of traffic, you do not need to have a dedicated server as the monthly fee for renting a server is more expensive. We can also recommend you to rent shared hosting space from some of the better web hosts. Depending on the size of the space required and the traffic volume, the annual fee is more economical and affordable compared to a dedicated server.
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