We Dig Another Way to Wake You Up Suddenly

When searching for terms like "Web Design Agency Bangkok, Bangkok Web Design, Web Agency Bangkok, Web Design Studio and Design Agency Thailand". Like countless web design providers flooding search pages, you may not know who is the best fit. We understand the strengths and weaknesses of our peers and create your website in innovative ways.

Listening & Studying

In addition to listening to your needs, we'll focus on researching and analyzing your competitors' website designs and learning from your field to facilitate future production. We believe that through the cooperation of all parties, we will be able to bring out the "Best Performance" on your website.

Choosing Your Needs

Most of our peers in the web design industry also like to use "Packaging Styles" to distinguish various combinations, but there are so many project options that even using some jargon can overwhelm you, so let's list the following in the most simplified form FIVE options. You can choose exactly what you want.

Lite Ver.

If you don't plan to update your web content "Frequently", this combination is definitely the best option for you. Moreover, we offer the most economical production and hosting services to make you happier !

Premium Ver.

If you want to have multiple functions on your web page and enrich its usefulness, you can use dynamic styles to make the web page fit its needs, so choosing this combination is undoubtedly perfect for you.

Online Store Ver.

With brick-and-mortar stores shifting to online retail, there is an urgent need to build an online store! If you choose to build a self-hosted online selling system, we'll help you build an affordable budget.

Online Store Rental Platform

Different types of online store rental platform claim to allow instant shop opening with simple steps, but not everyone knows the essentials of setting it up. We will improve and optimize your online store for the best results.

Optional Solutions

The production of the web page involves a variety of technologies, but also needs to be updated and maintained for future ongoing, if there are only individual technical items or maintenance requirements, we will provide you with appropriate services for the required sections.

Exemplars & Research

On other web design agencies' websites, you'll often see some "Valid" link work they produce, but rarely go into the details of the production. That's why we've selected some real-world examples to give you ideas for the future. In addition, we also focus on the following three website structures.

Static Structure • Lite Version

This is suitable for general companies to provide basic product introduction or service. The web page browsing direction is drop-down or landscape, which is convenient for browsing without waiting for page transfer.

Dynamic Structure • Premium Version

The use of dynamic technologies enriches the usability of a website, but only if the content management system and the database are used in conjunction with each other.

Dynamic Structure • Store Version

The self-hosted type of online store needs to match the dynamic structure, and it can expand multiple sales options and enhance various features compared with the other e-commerce shop platforms.

Interesting Research

In the process of making web pages, we often encounter some design and research problems. We found an experiment and found some special web design examples to share with you !

Search Engine Optimization

Many our website design peers believe that websites that have not been optimized are very difficult to arrange in the first page position in the search results, is this true? Let's experiment with our own website !

Unique Web Design Example

Real design is not as simple as what your local web design agency showcases. We also searched for some other interesting designs in our spare time that will give you a visual novelty.
Innovative Pricing

From a macro perspective, the fees for web design packages in the same industry are sometimes very different. They also offer various website services to their customers and charge for each part, which only ends up costing the customer more. This leads to an increase in overall expenses.

When setting the price target, we adhere to the principle of correct pricing, calculate the latest market average price every year, and use the middle and low price as the pricing range. Also, we are targeting startups and small businesses, so we also provide some free feature support whenever possible.

More importantly, we have a unique intention to distribute a portion of the profits to orphans and underprivileged children in Thailand, which is a very different philosophy compared to other web design companies.

Crafting with Care

It's not everything that tends towards a simplistic design, but there are more powerful elements injected behind the scenes.

Corresponding Layout Design

By browsing on different devices, such as desktop computers, notebooks and smartphones, the relevant pictures and text will be adjusted to the screen size for the convenience of readers.

Optimize Internal Code Layout

Browsing and download speeds also have an impact on page rankings, we make some optimizations when creating pages, but it depends on the version of web design chosen.

Optimize Internal Code Layout

Browsing and download speeds also have an impact on page rankings, we make some optimizations when creating pages, but it depends on the version of web design chosen.

Image Compression

All images will be processed in a next-generation format, an archive format that offers both lossy and lossless compression to reduce download traffic while browsing.

Fully Enhanced Web Page

All "Premium" dynamic pages have powerful extensions, depending on whether you need to purchase additional plugins for your site-wide needs. Additionally, we can assist with setting up your own third-party web hosting space configuration for a fee. If you choose to use a "Lite" version of your site compared to your other web design peers, we offer additional "Free" upgrades to the valuable features below.

Overseas Storage of Data

Your website will be stored in our large overseas data center, providing 99.99% reliable security services.

Transport Layer Security Protocol

To improve the ability of web bots on “Google” and “Bing” and other search engines to index your URLs, this agreement helps to quickly admit your pages.

Content Delivery Cloud

Leverage content delivery cloud servers located in over a dozen locations around the world to provide faster transfer rates and better overall performance for static downloads.

Update the Code Regularly

If the webpage involves the use of some library programs, etc., we will check for you periodically whether it needs to be adjusted to a newer version to plug the security loopholes.

Block Distributed Service Attacks

We will also use a firewall cloud system to protect your website from frequent blocking and distributed network attacks.

Enhance Website Security

As hackers have come up with many different ways to attack the web, we will improve your website to prevent automated programs to manipulate web content by hackers.

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